Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Qibla from Sun?

Salaams brothers & sisters,
I have it on good authority that on the 28th May this year you will be able to confirm/determine the true direction of the Qibla by way of the sun.
Face the sun at 10:18 exactly (London) - That direction is true Qibla.
Insh’Allah the sun will be visible that day!
Qibla from Sun
It is not advisable to determine Qibla using compass specially for Orienting Masajid. The following method which uses the sun is more reliable. It has been observed for centuries and reported in many books by Muslims around the world that two times a year the sun comes overhead above Ka'bah. This is observational fact for centuries, and is used to set the correct Qibla direction in places far from Makkah by Muslims for last so many centuries. Those two dates and times are:
May 28 at 9:18 UT
July 15 at 9:27 UT
When you observe the sun at these times (after converting it to your local time), you will be facing the Ka'bah giving you Qibla direction, because if there were a very high minaret over Ka'bah reaching up to the sky, then you will see it just like you are seeing the sun. Now, let us take a few examples. If you are in Islamabad, Pakistan (+5 hours time difference from Greenwich), the local time to observe the sun would be 2:18 pm on May 28, and 2:27 pm on July 15.
by adam..

siapa yg boleh comfirmkan artikle ini btul?. silakan.


lanpondok said...

Di Malaysia, waktunya

28 Mei : 5.16 petang
16 Julai : 5.28 petang


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syukran Lanpondok